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  If you work with foreign language texts in the course of your work, we can provide the help you need.
 So, you speak a foreign language well and you are familiar with the jargon, but your work gives you no time to translate a 25-page text. A common problem, and one we can help with. Our specialist translators work quickly and thoroughly, and are always ready to discuss sensitive terminology. We maintain our own specialist glossaries ensuring that the original content is expressed using the most appropriate language.
 Although your business transactions and negotiations with international partners will tend to take place in English, you may find it necessary to translate from one lesser used language to another. This presents no obstacle to us. We have a team of specialists who can translate between several Central and Eastern European languages. Naturally, we can also provide you with services in the more commonly spoken Western European languages, not to mention Scandinavian languages.
 Our translators have experience across a wide spectrum of specialist domains including:
 Law • Finance • Life sciences • Telecommunications • Information technology • Power industry • Insurance • Electrical engineering • Manufacturing industry • Infocommunication • Marketing
 Our credentials attest to the quality, accuracy and speed of our work.
 In addition to translation we also offer interpreting services. Experienced interpreters with a wide range of specialisations are on hand for high-quality consecutive and simultaneous assignments, and are pleased to participate in all kinds of preliminary consultation on terminology.
 We also provide a fully comprehensive range of conference equipment (cabins, microphones etc.) in partnership with a company specialised in this area.
 If you would like to make use of our translation or interpretation services, please e-mail us at, call one of the following telephone numbers: +36 1 321-66-06, +36 30 992-61-10, +36 30 24-22-104, and/or send a fax to: +36 1 413 -04-24. We will be pleased to send you an immediate quotation on request.

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