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  From its base in Budapest, Penna-Európa provides translation, interpretation and language training services to businesses throughout Europe.
 Penna produces accurate translations that are clear, well written and delivered to deadline. Penna's experienced interpreters are trained to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers that can hinder effective communication in meetings, conferences and other business situations.
 Penna's language training services have been designed with working professionals in mind. Our approach combines training in general linguistic and social skills and the opportunity to learn appropriate terminology and etiquette in a range of professional situations. Each course is tailored to meet the individual student's needs.
 The nature of their work places translators, interpreters and teachers in a position of trust. We work best when we are familiar with our client's operations, terminology and business needs. For these reasons we are pleased when we can establish long term business relationships with our clients. "Credentials"
 If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us.

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