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 If you wish to improve your foreign-language skills, or your corporate development plans include establishing or polishing up your staff's language skills, we have the individual and group language training for you.
 Communication in a foreign language is essential for the maximum achievement of business goals and the development of career prospects, in addition to maintaining crucial personal contacts. We provide qualified and experienced language teachers who, in addition to equipping you with the most important language skills, will also enable you to communicate fluently within your professional domain when speaking to business partners and colleagues of other nationalities.
 The language training service we provide has been developed on a sound methodological basis using modern, communicative techniques. Our teachers are always seeking to develop their all-around teaching and language skills and widen their knowledge in their chosen fields.
 Throughout the courses, we provide continuous feedback and periodic full reports on students' progress. To ensure the smoothness and efficiency of our language training, we maintain constant contact with our customers and respond rapidly and flexibly to their demands. Courses take place on our customers' premises, and are always preceded by a corporate and individual needs survey that takes local corporate culture into account.
 For further information on our language training, translation or interpretation services, please feel free to e-mail us at, call one of the following telephone numbers: +36 1 321-66-06, +36 30 9-926-110, +36 30 24-22-104, and/or send a fax to: +36 1 413-04-24. We will be pleased to send you an immediate quotation on request.

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